COVID-19 Policies

We are dedicated to creating a safe environment for our staff, our guests and our community. In addition to our normal attention to hygiene and sanitation, we are implementing new steps to combat COVID-19 while continuing to create a great experience for you in our salon.

Below are some of the new steps taken to address and combat COVID-19:


  • Our team has gone through pre-reopening training on all new cleaning and safety protocols specific to their area of work.
  • We will be pre-screening our employees for signs /symptoms of COVID-19 at the start of their shift and sending them home if any concerning results.
  • All of our staff will be wearing face masks, and in some cases gloves, as appropriate for the service performed.
    Hand washing is required by all staff between each guest experience.
  • We will have a designated COVID-19 Mitigation Specialist on staff at all times.  Should you have any questions feel free to ask for them.


  • We have adjusted our service, retail and reception spaces to accommodate social distancing requirements.
  • In some cases, barriers have been installed to assist in areas where distancing isn’t possible.
  • We have reduced areas for processing hair color and client waiting areas to limit capacity and maintain social distance.
  • We’ve placed hand sanitizers in key areas.
  • We will be requiring ALL of our clients to wear a mask. If a guest doesn’t have mask, a disposable mask will be provided.
  • Every guest will have their temperature checked and use hand sanitizer upon arrival and will be required to sign our COVID-19 waiver.
  • We will continue to clean all key contact surfaces between each guest and throughout the day.
  • All tools used in the guest experience will be properly cleaned between guests.
  • We have added disposable paper towels in our restrooms

Guest Experience Changes:

  • In order to maintain social distancing requirements, we will not have a reception seating lounge.  Due to this limited capacity only guests receiving services will be allowed to enter. (we also ask to refrain from bringing young children)
  • We ask that you arrive on time for your appointment and not earlier in order to accommodate as many guests as we can. Please stay in the lobby and respond to your arrival text (or give us a call at 425-350-5575) and we will be out to grab you as soon as we are sanitized and at a safe capacity.
  • We will be modifying your experiences to limit contact while still creating a great experience for you.  This will vary by service.
  • Temporarily we will not be serving beverages due to the requirement to wear masks.  Please no outside beverages.
  • As always, we will use fresh clean capes and towels in your service.
  • Re-booking of services will be available during the service so as not to congest the front desk and improve client flow.
  • Walk-in service availability will continue with the following modifications: We will post a notification at our entrances asking all walk-in guests to call us for availability. These guests will also be screened and sign the COVID-19 waiver and be required to wear a mask.

Should you have further questions please contact, or